I was not contacted even though I have already applied. What should I do?

2017.03.01 update
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Re-confirm the e-mail address / phone number registered when applying

Has there been any incoming history from unknown number? Depending on the company, it may come from a number different from the phone number listed on the homepage they have given. There might be times when one cannot answer a phone call, but it would be important if you try and pick them up.
Please re-confirm your registered email address/ phone number. If any of your contact information is incorrect, the company can not contact you. Please make sure that there are no mistakes when applying through the website.

If you find that you made a mistake, give them a call. The phone number of the shop you applied for is posted on the entry completion email and on the website you applied for.
[When calling]
"My name is _____ and I have applied through the website Nihondebaito on Monday for this job. I made a mistake regarding the contact information, may I please still apply?”

In Japanese:「〇月〇日にニホンdeバイトを見てWEBで応募した〇〇と申します。

If you do not hear from us even after waiting a week, let us know

"Even if a notification about the job posting comes late, we should get in touch within a week or so. If you do not hear from us, please call. If you are in a hurry, please contact us 2 to 3 days after application.
However, when you call a restaurant, lunch time should be avoided as its busy, and around dinner time should be okay. "
[When calling]
"My name is 〇〇 and I have submitted my application on 〇 month 〇 date. I have not received a reply yet so I contacted you." How is the situation?"

In Japanese: 「〇月〇日にWebから応募をさせて頂きました〇〇と申します。まだ連絡をいただいていないようでしたので、ご連絡をさせていただきました。状況はいかがでしょうか?」

Sometimes if there is no reply = rejected

A company who received a lot of applicants may not be able to contact all applicants. In this case, if there is no reply by the stated date in the information box, there is a high possibility of rejection.

In our recruit information posting there would be a small description saying that “Only those who passed through the document screening will be contacted.”

If there is no contact at all for a long time, forget about it and start looking for the another job.

There is no need to spam apply a job.

If you do not hear from us for a while, that does not mean you should apply again and again. The more times you apply, the longer it will take for the company to contact you. And when they do, dates for the interviews will be given. For every time you apply there will be different dates given, and it would multiply quick when you apply more than twice. You would not be able to correspond to all the dates that are given to you, you won’t be able to attend all the interviews. In the end, you would have to reject all but one. That would create more trouble for you then.

The company is also busy and they might not be able to contact you ASAP. Let’s try to consider their side as well when we apply!

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