What shall I do when I was asked to work more?

2016.09.06 update
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There are situations where employees are asked to work more. The employees accept these but request at first but there are cases where the requests escalate. What should you do in such cases?
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If you can't work, make it clear!

If you can't work, make it clear! Otherwise, they will assume that you are a kind of person who accepts any request.

The most important thing for students is studying. If you can't study or go to school because you are too busy with your part-time work, you are getting your priorities wrong.

Work less than 28 hours a week

There are limitation in part-time works for students from abroad with Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted. You may have punishments such as being taken away the permission to work or being forced to leave the country earlier.

Your boss may not know about this rule. Therefore, if you were asked to work more than 28 hours in a week, tell him/her about the limitation.

Limitation of work time
・The total of working time must be less than 28 hours a week.
・Working time must be less than 8 hours a day during long vacations.

Be careful for "Black Baito"

Under the law, part-time works are prohibited from having the employees overwork.
However, there are some companies or stores that break these laws because they are short of workers. They are called "Black Baito" .

・Forced to work longer than the fixed time
・Not allowed to be off work even before exams
・Cannot quit unless bringing a substitute
・Do not get paid extra for working in midnight

If you face such problems listed above, have contact with consulting service listed below.

・Location of Public Employment Security Office in the country (Web page of Ministry of Health、Labour and Welfare)
・Location of National Labor Standards Inspection Offices (Web page of Ministry of Health、Labour and Welfare)


Even if you were asked to work more, refuse the request clearly if you can't, especially if your working time exceeds 28 hours a week, the limitation determined by the permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted.

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