I'm going to be a little late for work. What should I do?

2016.08.25 update
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What if you will be late for work. Should I call first? Or it is ok for a few minutes late?

Contact first even it is a few minuets late

You should contact if you will be late for work. You should use phone, not email or SNS (ex: LINE) because your employer may not be aware of your message. Plus, making a phone call can show your sinciere sorrow for your late.

When you make a phone call, you should call to your supervisor. If you can't reach your supervisor, ask the receiver to deliver your message about your late.

And, don't forget to tell when you will be able to be at your work.
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4 points you should remember

If you will be late, you should:
・Contact first
・By phone
・To your supervisor
・Tell when you can be at

Don't follow your gamble

You may bet on yourself to be at your work just on time or a few minuets late. Even under this kind of situation, it it better to call first. Your quick call may cost you being late at your work, although, it is much better than being late without heads up.


If you will be late for your work, you should contact to your employer.
Even you have a chance to be at work place on time, it is safer to contact first.
When you will be late, you should "contact first" "by phone" "to your supervisor" and "tell when you can be at work place".

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