"No resume required" - is the job legitimate?

2017.03.14 update
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When looking for part-time jobs, there are jobs that require no resume. Why do they not need a resume? Is the job not legitimate? Here are your questions answered.
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Getting necessary info in a most efficient way

Obtaining only necessary information for hiring could lead to easy selection of candidates who matches with the job, it prevent from candidates who forgot documents at the time of interview, it becomes easy to manage the information of candidates who applied for the job. This type of job offering seems to be increasing.

Some restaurants and companies would like to hire on personality basis rather than education or work history. In this case, any information of education or work history is irrelevant, therefore they do not ask for a resume.

It does not mean that the job or the employer is questionable, when the job listing states no resume required. There is no reason to be suspicious.

No resume required = do not bring anything with you is ok?

Is it ok to do not bring anything to an interview when resume is not required? It differs by companies and restaurants. When applying for a job that does not require a resume, make sure to check what to bring on the day of the interview.

Some employers may ask you to fill an entry form at the time of an interview, or they may ask you to bring your resume that you did not need at the time of applying for the job.

Even if they require no additional information to be submitted at the time of an interview, it is still recommended to bring an identification card (health insurance card, student id, etc) to confirm identity.

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