Does the provided phone number work for inquiries ?

2016.10.18 update
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If you have any questions or matters to be confirmed about part-time jobs, you can get the desired information by calling to the provided phone number.

Keep the following manners when you make telephone inquiries.
・Tell first that you are calling to ask about part-time job recruitment.
・And next, tell that you are just calling to ask questions, not to apply for the job.
・Before you hang up a phone, don't forget to express your gratitude.
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You may be asked to call another contact person for your inquiry

Some companies and stores have particular contact for job applicants at their personnel divisions or their headquarters offices. In those cases, your inquiries may not be solved by the first call. Those contact persons are not in charge of the actual workplaces.

However, some of those contact persons will let you know another phone number for your desired information. We recommend preparing a memo pad when you make the first call.


For part-time job information, provided phone numbers will work. But in case you have to contact another person in the personnel division or the headquarters office, it's better to prepare a memo pad to jot down the phone number.

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