The famous Seven-Eleven. A peek into the life of a working foreign student! (Part 1/2)

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Mr.Patak arrived in Japan from Nepal and has been here for three and a half years. And he has worked at 7-11 for over a year already. Mr.Patak who is always with a smile says that he is able to do this kind of work thanks to being trained well from the start. Mr.Patak is currently enrolled at a university in Japan and in the future, he wants to do business here. Although his job hunting season starts next year, he is considering getting a job at 7-11 instead. Is there a reason to be interested in that future?
What working at a 7-11 looks like

My fulfilling part time job.

Q. Why did you decide to work in Seven Eleven?
Actually, before this, I have worked at another 7-11 store. At that time I quit due to various circumstances. Although I was at a loss as to whether to try a different part time job, many friends of mine who worked at 7-11 decided to work again after they have quit. The deciding factor for me was that this convenience store has the perfect location and time schedule for me.

Q. How do you balance work with school?
I am currently working from 5 pm to 10 pm 4 times a week. I work after school is over so there is no problem at all. If I have a test coming up, I would tell the manager in advance for a rest day to study, and it is very helpful. I have not returned to my country at all since I came to Japan, but my colleagues have had been absent for over two weeks to return to their countries.

Q. What do you do at work?
In a general sense it’s just ordering, checkout, shipment, and cleaning. We look after guests when at the register. We order shipment and sort out goods that could take up to an hour or two. When it is done, we would start cleaning so the customers would be comfortable. Then we just refill shopping bags and coffee machines. At around 9 pm, food for the next day arrives, so we inspect the deliveries. Other than all that, it is a flexible job while watching customers in the shop. Five hours will pass in no time.

One can learn Japanese much more effectively through customer interaction

Q. How long have you been able to speak Japanese?
Since I have been learning Japanese at a Japanese language school for two years, entering simple conversations is easy. I feel that I really learn when speaking with the customers. It’s a nice chance to practice my Japanese while I get some money.

Q. How do you handle products that you are not familiar with other than the Japanese such as ‘Oden’?
I learned naturally while I was doing it. However, since the mail (Takkyubin) always used a lot of kanji, I struggled at the beginning. There were so many kanjis that I have not yet learned in school. Also in Nepal, it is not compulsory to take notes. Instead, desperately memorizing. With taking notes here in Japan, I now know all the places as well as the names of the items in the shop. Of course, I think that people’s learning methods differ. My colleagues memorized the contents of the touch panel on the note and now uses it smoothly without thinking.
Customer service at Seven-Eleven

Everyone will help support you so even the foreigners can work without worries.

Q. Have you had any difficulties at work?
At first I did not know how to deliver the courier, but the store manager taught me and I was able to remember it. I feel that I am taught everything very thoroughly. And thanks to the fact that I have been taught from scratch, I was able to do it. I am in charge of potato chip orders, and I am really happy when the commodity I worked on is sold.

Do you have any advice for other foreign students who are wondering whether to work part-time?
We encourage you to try part-time in Seven-Eleven at least once. It is an easy job. There might be some uneasiness because we handle customer service, but please be assured that you can be taught properly even from the first part-time job. But if you work in Seven- Eleven, you may not feel like working in other places like me (laughs.)

In the second part, we are talking to Mr.Suzuki, the manager of the store where Mr. Patak is working.
Here's the second part

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Seven - Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.
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8, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 8
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Convenience store business

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