We asked recruiting personnel from major food service company that offer information on World's food culture to Japan

2017.01.10 update
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This time, we interviewed recruiting personnel from GIRAUD RESTAURANT SYSTEM CO.,LTD, a holding company that houses variety of restaurants from traditional Italian restaurants, Pasta restaurants to Hawaiian pancake restaurants, that introduces World's food culture to Japan, on key points when recruiting and desired Japanese level. Let's take a look and remember what is being asked to be hired!

Many attractive restaurants!

There are about 120 restaurants managed by GIRAUD RESTAURANT SYSTEM CO.,LTD. There are over 40 restaurants within Tokyo 23 wards, including Marunouchi, Nihonbashi, Ebisu, Omotesando and Shinjuku. Many of the restaurants are located close from stations, makes them accessible and easy to commute.

Atmosphere of the restaurants differ by the type of restaurant. Authentic Italian restaurants have calm and relaxing atmosphere, pasta restaurants have casual and easy going atmosphere, and Hawaiian cafes have tropical atmosphere. Please find the restaurant where you see yourself fit!
*Please find details here⇒ http://www.giraud.co.jp/en/
Picture of employees working in the GIRAUD RESTAURANT SYSTEM CO.

Very eager to recruit international students!

They say they hire 2-4 international students per month. Depending on the Japanese language level, you can apply to either floor or kitchen. Even if you are not confident on your Japanese level, you are still encouraged to apply!

Currently, international students from China, Vietnam, Korea are successfully working at each restaurant. International students with upper level Japanese can also become a member of floor staff at fashionable restaurant!

About the job

■Start with easy cutting♪
Those employees without experience will start from working in a kitchen. We start with prep work such as cutting materials and packing in small portions. Therefore anyone without cooking experience can feel at ease when starting as a part timer. We teach how to handle a knife to those without cooking experience.

■Learn the best table manners
With upper level Japanese, you can work as a floor staff. A floor staff represents the restaurant! We teach you table manners, so you can give our customers the best service.
As you work, you will naturally learn complicated table setting and table manners. You can also learn about wine at those restaurants with wine service.

■Meal support system to eat meals on the menu at discounted price!
We have a meal support system that provides meals on the menu at discounted price for employees. Some of the part timers little amusement is to taste the meals using the meal support system. Please leverage the meal support system popular to students!

Key points from interview to hiring

Cleanliness in appearance is important, since it is a job at a restaurant. Let's keep a neat appearance. Japanese level is evaluated differently, since the requirements differ from floor to kitchen.

-Kitchen staff
During the interview, they evaluate on minimum level of Japanese questions, such as "Please tell us your name", "What is your address" and "What is your preferred working time". Even if you are not fluent, they value if you are listening well to know what is being asked and you give the correct response to each question.

-Floor staff
During the interview, they evaluate on smoothness of your conversation. It is normally just conversational, no written exam. They will ask questions such as "What makes you want to work here" and "What is your preferred working time".
It is helpful to review the job description of what you are applying to and figure out the days/times you can work before the interview.

Key point to keep in mind: No rush, speak slowly.

What is valued the most during a job interview is if the conversation makes sense. Candidates with beginner level of Japanese tend to rush response and give answers that are mismatch to the question.

In such case, unfortunately a candidate will not pass the interview. If you do not understand the question, it is okay to ask. Speak slowly and do not rush through. Keep in mind communication with the interviewer is the key.

Key point to keep in mind 2: Do not forget to prepare paperwork!

If hired, a copy of passport and student identification card will be required, as well as bank account information for salary deposit and a permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence.

During the interview, the potential employer may ask you if you can get all the necessary paperwork ready for submission. Prepare necessary information early, especially if it requires processing time.

Tips just between us! How to increase the chances of getting hired

Over the weekends, there are more customers including family and those who are visiting from country side, so more help is required. There is a better chance of being hired if you are able to work on the weekends.

Also, candidates with cleanliness will score well. Long nails should be cut neat and short; and facial hair should be shaved prior to the interview. If you have long hair, tie it in a neat bun. That will make you look more presentable. It is not difficult to do so, therefore we suggest being very neat and clean for the interview.

What a typical day with work would look like

■Go to work from home or school
Many restaurants are easily accessible from stations♪

■Arrive at work, change
Change into uniforms, tie up if you have long hair, and make yourself look presentable

■Start working
Jobs are divided into floor and kitchen. All new hires will start from working in the kitchen. Once you get used to prep work, you move on to preparing dishes. Once you learn how to cook, you can cook what is served at the restaurant!

■Meal/Break time*1
During meal time, you can eat delicious meals at a discounted price. You can also make friends with other staff over chatting during your break.

■Work again
After taking a break, you will be back to your assignment. When you finish your shift, change and leave the work place.

■Great job today, rest well at home♪

*1:Depending on your shift, break time may differ.

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