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2017.01.10 update
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This time, we had a correction request from Rin-rin, an overseas student from China.
Some of her expressions in self-promotion has been modified. Write your own resume with the hints.

Original Text

a photograph of a resume

Sentences corrected

はじめてアルバイトです。⇒はじめてアルバイトです。(It's my first for a part-time job)
*By adding, you can show the relationship between the first word and the other words.
It is more effective to write your working experience in your own country.
(I have a kitchen experience as a part-time worker in a Rahmen shop in China .)

わたしは料理が好きです。(I like cooking.) ⇒ [OK]

キッチンで働きます。⇒キッチンで働きたいです。(I would like to work in a kitchen.)
*To make your resume more appealing, you can use the following expressions.
"わたしは料理が好きなので、キッチンで働きたいと希望しています。(I would like to work in a kitchen, because I like cooking.)"

日本語が話せます。(I can speak Japanese.) ⇒ [OK]
*In addition to this sentence, it is better to show your Japanese speaking level .
"日本人の友達と日本語で会話ができるくらい、日本語が話せます。(I can speak Japanese at every-day conversation level with Japanese friends.)"

よろしくお願いします。(Thank you for your attention.)⇒ [OK]

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