My wages are not deposited. Can I not get paid if I quit?

2016.10.18 update
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It is payday! But my wages were not deposited. Will I not get paid after I quit? Here are your questions answered.
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Let's confirm the date of payday

If the day of the deposit falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the date of the payment might be different from normal due to banks being closed. Let's check if your payday falls on Saturday, Sunday or holidays of the month.

Also, it is wise to check the payment cycle of where you work. If quitting in less than a month from the first day, you may not know when the payday is each month.

Be sure to check the "closing day" and "payment day" of where you work. If it says "closing day on the end of the month, payment on the 5th of next month", it means that your wages from the 1st to the end of the month will be paid on the 5th of the following month.

Confirm with the restaurant

If you did not get paid, check if you considered the weekends/holidays, have the correct payment date, and contact the restaurant or the company.

When you call, inform them that you did not get your deposit, and ask them to check. It is suggested to have information at hand, such as the amount of money you are supposed to be paid, and your bank account information.

You will be paid after you quit

If your employer tells you that you quit suddenly, therefore they do not want to pay you. What should you do?

To be compensated for the time you worked is obvious rights of the laborer. If your wages are unpaid, it means it is a violation against the Labor Standards Act, Article 24. (*1)

If the employer tells you that they are not paying you, inform them that it is a violation against the Labor Standards Act, Article 24. Because the employer would not want to deal with a lawsuit, they might pay your wages and your problem could be solved.

Sometimes it will not be solved in a simple discussion. In such case, contact the Labor Standards Inspection Office and consult with them on how to be paid.

*1: the Labor Standards Act, Article 24
Wages must be paid in currency, directly to the laborer, in full amount. Wages must be paid at least once a month, on a fixed date.

To avoid trouble

In many unpaid cases, it is due to the employee's unexcused absences or unannounced leave.

To avoid troubles, when you are quitting, be sure to discuss with your supervisor first, so you can leave without any troubles.

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