I wanna quit a part-time job. Who should I talk? What should I talk?

2017.01.10 update
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Telling your employer to quit the job will be the one of the hardest time at your work. Here is some tips for how to quit your job.


Under the civil law in Japan, your resignation should be notified to the employer at least 2 weeks before the day you want to leave. However, it is better to notify clearly at least 1 month before.

For the employer, quitting workers who know their work well is quite hard because they need to hire new persons and train them. If the employer have work-shift schedule, you should notify your resignation as early as possible as they need to work out the schedule again.

Some employer has their own rules that they are needed to be notified the resignation at least 2 month before the final day. If you feel you want to leave the job, you should ask your supervisor in advance when you should notify to them by.
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Notify to whom

You should see your supervisor and notify him/her. If you work at store, the store manager will be the one. It is not good at all that your supervisor or store manager knows your resignation through someone before you see him/her while you have already informed to your co-workers.

What to say?

You should tell the reason and timing you want to leave clearly. However, if your reason was just simply you are not satisfied with the job, your employer may try to keep you by telling you they will make some improvement. In this case, you may use some reason which should work well for you.

■Examples of reason of quitting
・I want to focus on my tests.
・I want to focus on my study or school.
・I want to focus on my job hunting for permanent position.
・I will move out and will be difficult to commute.

You should try to leave in good manner considering the fact your employer and your co-workers who have been taken care of you.


If you want to leave the job, you should notify

■At least 1 month before.
■By seeing your supervisor face to face.
■With reason and timing you want to leave.

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