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2020.01.10 update
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written by Robbin AKM (indival Inc , nihon de baito)

One day, one of our student team members brought up an issue.

“I’ve to leave the team to do internship”.

He said that frowning. I asked him what was wrong with that. I even congratulated to him. But he said

“it’s not like we don’t want internships, only we get paid while we are working “

Internships become one of the entryways into career.

Japan's parliament has authorized an arguable new regulation allowing masses of thousands of foreigners into the country to ease labor shortages. The law creates two new visa categories. Workers in the first category can be allowed in for 5 years if they have a positive stage of skill and some skill ability in Japanese. Especially in the fields of Information and Technology, plenty of foreign workers are getting employed per annual. The salary for IT filed is among the highest in Japan even for foreigners.

The next day I said to my team why don’t we create something like hybrid internships like part-time job internship. We know how important it is for a student to work part time. Money making does not always coincide with intern experience. But why don’t we try our best to provide that service? The trinity of internship, part-time job and eventually getting hired by the company. The whole team agreed with vigor and brightness in their eyes.

The good thing about ndb is that all from management are foreigners or gaijins (so they called), and they understand what foreigners want more than anyone. Also the whole team of ndb is made up of 留学生(foreign students ) in order to walk in the shoes of every foreign students in Japan .

So here we are in 2020, We would like to give you nihon de baito 2.0 designed and targeted for students and hopefully people who want to get start their career in Japan .

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