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2017.03.03 update
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Procedure after applying

1. A confirmation email will be delivered from the part-time job that you have applied through.
 * Some sites may not send confirmation emails
2. The company that you have applied to will either email or phone to notify and confirm interview schedule dates.
 * Sometimes when the job has enough people, they will not need another worker.
3. Going through the interview
4. Notification of interview results will reach within about a week from the interview day.
 (If you are immediately hired, discussion about what the first day at work and what to bring, etc)

Things to note after applying

1. When you have completed the application through NihondeBaito, there will be a confirmation email sent to you. Other part-time job websites will often also do the same. Please make sure to turn off your ‘Reject Reception setting’ which does not allow any outside emails to reach.
NihondeBaito’s mail domain is : noreply@nihondebaito.com

2. After you have received the confirmation mail, what usually follows is a mail or a phone from the company you have applied to. In the case of an e-mail, please be aware that sometimes it might end up in the junk mail folder. If you enter a cell phone in the phone number field for contact information, please turn off your ‘Incoming Call Rejection setting’ which does not allow any outside calls to reach.

P.S. There will be times when you are told to send your resume before the interview. Please be as prepared as possible.

3. Please do not reply to the confirmation email. Even if you reply, it will not be sent to companies that applied nor will it be seen by the part-time job websites you have applied through.

If there is no contact even after a week since the application, please directly contact the company. Contact information is stated along the confirmation email.

How to respond when you don’t hear from a company,


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