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Once you start to work, you will receive employment contract from your employer. This contract tells you all of your rights and responsibilities at your job. You should make sure to check if anything is different from your understandings when you applied or had an interview.

a sample of employment contract

What points in employment contract you should see

Before you sign the employment contract, you should check all the details in the contract. If there are any difference from your understandings or you have any questions, you should ask your employer and make it clear before you sign.
Period of employment、Place of work
You should check the date of starting employment, whether a period of time is determined(*1), and place of work.

Working hours, rest hours、holiday vacation
To figure out your rest hours, you need a little calculation: Since foreign students are not allowed to work more than 28 hours a week when you have school, you should check first if your total working hours in a week meets this regulation(*2). You are allowed to work up to 8 hours a day during long vacation period defined by your school (ex: summer vacation), however, are not allowed more than 40 hours a week(*3).

You are entitled to at least 45 minutes of rest hours if you work more than 6 hours a day. You should check if your given rest hours is not shorter than that.
Ex) If you work from 10AM to 5PM, you should have 45 minutes rest hours at least.

You should also see if the written holiday vacation is as same as you think. Some holiday period may be described by its name, not by the date such as Year-end and New Years holidays.

Make sure the amount of your wage (ex: hourly wages), overtime premium wages (additional wage if you work at certain time or days (ex: add 100yen you work after time ●)), and commuting allowance is correct.

leaving job, recompense
Check the timeline when you should submit the notification for reassignment due to your personal reason, reason for dismissal, compensation for damages (ex:how much you should pay off in case you gave damages on employer's properties). Some employers put those in their working rules. Make sure if there are any notes which will transform to your disadvantage.

*1 Labor contracts which determine that the contract period shall not be concluded for a period exceeding 3 years (or 5 years with respect to labor contracts that fall under specific conditions). (Article 14, Chapter 2, Labor Standard Acts)

*2 Article 19, Immigration Control Act.

*3 Employers shall not have workers work more than 40 hours per week, excluding rest hours. (Article 32, Chapter 4, Labor Standard Acts)

*4 An employer shall provide workers at least 45 minutes of rest hours during working time when working hours exceed 6 hours, and at least one hour in when working hours exceed 8 hours. (Article 34, Chapter 3, Labor Standard Acts)

*5 In the event that an employer has a worker work between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., the employer shall pay premium wages for work during such hours at a rate no less than 25 percent over the normal hourly wage per hour.(Article 37, Chapter 4, Labor Standard Acts)


Employment contract (or notice of employment) is a contract describes all of your conditions at work you engage in. Before you write your signature or put your seal (Inkan) on, you must pay attention at least following 3 points

■If your working hours exceed the time regulated by law.
■The amount of your salary, premiums wage and benefits (such as commuting allowance) is same as your understanding.
■If there are anything which will transform to your disadvantage.

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