First day of work; what should I speak about myself?

2016.08.25 update
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At the first day of your work, it is very common in Japan that you should introduce about yourself to your coworkers. To give them a good impression, here is some tips for how to make your self-introduction.

Prepare what you want to tell

At the first day of your work, you will be nervous as you may have to face so many new things you never thoughts. Under this circumstance, you have no ideas what you have to say when you are asked to make your self-introduction all the sudden.

To avoid to finish just only telling your name and where you com from, let's have some other points in your mind you want to speak a day before your first day.

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What is good to speak at your self-introduction

◆ A few words for the people you have met in the first time
Example: はじめまして。(Hello, nice to meet you.)
◆ Your name and where you come from.
Example: わたしは○○(国名)から来た○○○○(名前)です。(My name is ○○○○(your name). I came from ○○(your country))
◆ What you do
Example: いまは日本語学校に通っている学生です。日本語を学んで6カ月になります。(I am a student. I go to Japanese language school. I study Japanese 6 months.)
◆ What you want to do for this job
Example: これから皆さんと一緒にお店を盛り上げていきたいです。まずはメニューをしっかり覚えたいと思います。(I want to make this place great with all of you. First, I want to remember about our menu.)

You can also tell about what made you to come to Japan, or what you like. These topics can help you not only to have others to understand who you are, but also to share the same interests with you.

If you don't have much confident with your Japanese, you should prepare to tell following topics at least.
◆ Your name and where you come from
◆ A few words for greeting to your co-workers.
Example: これから頑張ります。よろしくお願いします。(Korekara Ganbari-masu (mean's: I will work hard). Yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu)

What you need to know when you make self-introduction

・Try to make your introduction within a minute. Not to make it too long.
・Let's speak a little bit launder to be heard from far place.
・Speak slowly to have other to understand what you say.
・If you want to speak to someone who are in the middle of their work, speak in short.
Example: "新しく入りました○○(名前)です。今日からお願いします(I am ○○(your name). I am new to here. Yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu)"


Self-introduction at the first day of work is good chance to give your co-works a good impression about yourself. Speak slowly, a little bit louder to understand what you are trying to say.

Due to the lack of time, your self-introduction may finish in very short, such as "I am ○○(your name). I am new to here. Yoroshiku-onegai-shimasu". If so, let's try to use your break time and have your co-workers to understand who you are.

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