What you need to prepare for the first day of job

2016.08.25 update
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Don't be late

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You must not be late at the first day. Plus, it may leave bad impression for the employer if you come right before the starting time or come too early. It will be good if you come 10 minutes earlier than the starting time.

At some job, you need time for preparation such as changing your cloth. In Japan, some people don't consider the time for preparation as work. Therefore, if you need some preparation, you should come early and be ready before the starting time of your job.

What you wear for the first day

Some job, you are required to put formal wear such as jacket or suits. You should ask if there are any rules for what you wear at the job before your first day.

Even there are no rules, you should not wear jersey or dress which is not appropriate for job.

If you don't know what to wear, pick single color shirts (no design) and pants which give clean image of yourself to others.

What you bring for the first day

There are no common things among the jobs for what you need to bring at your first day. You may be asked to bring your own work glove if you will work at factory or warehouse.

You should check what you need to bring at your first day to avoid negative impression. Don't forget to bring the documents or anything you were told to bring in at the first day.

■Here is the things you may bring at your first day
・ Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted ("Shikakugai- Katsudo- Kyokasho")
・ Information of your bank account (to wire transfer your payment)
・ Seal ("Inkan")
・ Pen and notebook
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Greeting and your introduction

In many case, you will greet people at your first day. Prepare a few words to tell about yourself beforehand in case you are asked.


Here is checking list for your first day of job

■What time do you need to leave if you want to be at the job 10 minutes before your starting time?
■Do you have documents and any other things you are requested?
■Does what you wear match to the one you are required?
■Are you ready to have a few words to greet people and introduce yourself?

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