Interview: General manners

2016.08.25 update
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Here is some advise for general manners at the interview.

A day before the interview

・You should check out the way to reach to the meeting place by the date of interview. If you have PC or smart-phone, search "乗り換え (transfer)" on the internet and find out how long it will take from your place. You should be at the interview 5 to 10 minuets before your time of appointment.
・Print the map of interview place if you have a printer. It is useful when you ask someone in case you lost the way.
・You should keep the phone number of a person in charge of hiring in case you will be late for the interview due to the delay of transportation.

At the day of interview

・You should check out the way you look before you the interview. Take off your coat and hold it on your hand when you go into the interview place. This is a manner.
・Turn off your mobile. It is better to keep the noise of vibration off even you set in "manner-mode".
・Once you get it, you should say your name and the reason for your visit as people may think you are a customer.
・Be cheerful from your first speak (ex: "はじめまして。アルバイトの面接に伺いました○○(名前)です。ご担当の○○様をお願いできますでしょうか。Hello! I come here for an interview. My name is ○○(your name). Could I see Mr./Ms. ○○, whom in charge of hiring?").
・Don't sit on the cheer before you are asked.
・You should be prepared to pull out some items (ex: your resume, pen and notebook) from your bag immediately.
a photo of turning-off mobile

How to speak

・Don't speak fast. Speak slowly to understand you.
・Use proper language. You can not speak to a person in charge of hiring as same way as you speak to your friend, even the person is in friendly.
・Try to restrain "Uhm..." "Fmm...." "Er...." These words give him/her an impression you are lack of confident.

[Polite languages often misused]
・了解です× 分かりました○、承知しました○
・ご苦労様です× お時間頂き、ありがとうございました○
・すみません×  申し訳ございません○

After the interview

・You should bow and say thank you ("arigato-gozai-mashita") after you are told your interview is over.
・Say thank you and goodbye ("shitsurei-itashimasu") again to the interviewer or the people at the place, right before you leave the place.
・If you see the interviewer still look after you after you left the place, you should bow again.


Here is a summary for important points of your behavior at the interview. You should keep in mind and try to give a good impression.

・Be at the interview-place 5 to 10 minuets before the meeting.
・Tell your purpose of your visit before you are asked.
・You must greet in good manner.

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