Interview: How to leave a good impression.

2016.08.25 update
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You may get nervous at the interview. Even though, if you work out the following point, you can show your positive and solid side of your own.
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■ Be at the interview place 10 minutes before the meeting

It is a local manner to be at the place earlier than the appointment. At the interview, you should be at the place 10 minuets before the appointment, not to rush in right before the time.

■ Bow to interviewer at the beginning and end of the meeting.

You should show the interviewer that you are a polite person. Express your appreciation to have an interview at the beginning and end of the meeting, such as "Thank you for having me" "Thank you for your time today". Don't forget to bow to the interviewer when you express.

■ Keep your back straight

If your back is bent at the interview, you don't look good and leave negative impression. Sit on the edge on the chair, straighten your back, put strength on your stomach, and pull your chin. Now, you look elegant.

■ Show reactions when you have a conversation

During a conversation, it is very important to react to interviewer as you send him/her a message that you understand what (s)he says. Show your reaction and speak about what you think.

■ Smile

Interview makes you nervous, but you should be relaxed and show your smile when you speak. Your smile leave you an interviewer that you are a cheerful and happy person.

■ Speak polite. Put "Desu" "Masu" at the end of your phrase.

You must speak politely at the interview. Don't speak to the interviewer as you speak to your friends. The interviewer want to know if you can speak polite Japanese. Put "Desu" "Masu" at the end of your phrase at least.

■ Eye contact

If your job is to communicate with customers, it is very important to keep watching their eyes while you speak to them. Make an eye-contact with the interviewer at the meeting. You can show your creditability.

■ Speak clear and slowly

Keep in mind to speak clearer and slower than when you speak with your friends. Interviewer can have better understanding of what you try to say.

■ Bring your pen and notebook

During the interview, you may be asked to add some notes on your resume. Or be asked to fill some questionnaires they have. Don't forget to bring your pen and notebook.

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