Resume: How to make a nice "certification photo"

2016.09.02 update
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Putting a nice "Certification photo" on your resume is important because it makes the recruiter's first impression of you. Here are some tips to make your nice "certification photo". Let's be ready for an interview with the photo which presents who you are.

What you wear

You can be in casual or informal, but should avoid too loudly/colorful clothes.

・Simple. Used color should be white or beige.
・Shirt with collar
・Monotonal color suits

■Not recommended
・Patterned clothes
・Black or fluorescent color
・Clothes with printed design
・Any low-necked clothes

■Additional Note
・Don't wear too many accessories
A photo of sample photo for your wearing when you shoot "certification photo"


It is important to show your face clearly. If you have long hair, be careful not to cover your face with your hair.

■You should:
・ not cover your ears with your side hair.
・ not cover your eyes with your front hair.
・ Tie your hair at the back if you have long hair.

Makeup (if you are female)

You should do some makeup. Do it light, not overdo.

■You should
・Try to make you look clean and natural by using blush.
・Use natural color, if you use eye shadow.
・Use natural color lipstick, if you use.
・Remove shine from your forehead.


Your face should be looked natural.

■You should
・hide your teeth.
・relax, and smile.
・make both sides of your facial expression equal.
A photo of sample photo for your facial expression when you shoot "certification photo"


■You should
・face front.
・sit straight.
・pull your chin.
・not make any poses.


■Other things you need to know
・Do not use any photo stickers such as Purikura.
・Use photo you took in past 3 months.
・Size of the photo should be (height) 4cm× (width) 3cm.


Summary of 4 important points to make a nice "certification photo".
■Simple clothes. White or beige color.
■Don't cover your face with your hair.
■Sit straight, pull your chin.
■Relax, and smile.

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