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2016.08.25 update
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Here is how to fill "通勤時間"(Commuting time) "扶養家族"(Dependent) columns on your resume.

"通勤時間"(Commuting time)

You should write down the total time for commuting from your home to the workplace.

Example) If it takes 10 minutes walk from your home to your nearest station, and takes 30 minuets from your station to the station near to the workplace, and takes 5 minuets walk from the station to workplace, write the "約0時間45分(total as 45 minuets)" on this column.
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"扶養家族"(配偶者を除く)(Dependent (without your spouse))

・"扶養家族" (Dependent) means the family you are responsible to support with your income.
・"配偶者" (Spouse) means your partner in marriage.

So, "扶養家族 (配偶者を除く)"means the family you are due to support with your income which should not include your partner in marriage.

Example)0人 (0 members)

Presence of spouse

If you have a spouse, put a circle on "有" (Yes, I have). If you don't put on "無"(No, I don't)
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Your duty of supporting your spouse

If you have a duty of supporting your spouse, put a circle on "有". If you don't, put on "無".


You should write down correctly if your resume format has those sections.

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