Resume: How to write "自己PR・アピールポイント"(Self-promotion, Your selling point)

2017.03.22 update
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Here is some of examples to write your "自己PR"(Self-promotion) or "アピールポイント"(Your selling point) in your resume format. Let's try to make it your own version once you go through those.

Sell your experiences at other part-time jobs

Let's try to sell your experiences at other part-time jobs. In this case, write about the hard work you did on your last part-time job rather than sharing the experience of it.

I used to have a job at Convenience store. At the job, there were so many things I need to learn such as the type of merchandises and payment procedures of utility bills or courier services. I tried to learn quickly by making memos for what I was being taught.

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Sell your leadership or reactiveness

Giving some clear examples to show your leadership and reactiveness from your past experiences will be quite helpful to make you understand who you are.

I think I am good at communication with other people. I tried to speak as many people as possible at my Japanese language school because I wanted to have many friends. Now, all of my classmates are my friends, and I was appointed to be the leader in the class. In this job, I will try to talk to my co-workers as much as I can to become part of the team.


Show your passion and motivation

Showing your passion and motivation will also work as your self-promotion. In this case, you should also provide some examples from your past experiences.

I love Japanese ramen and went to many ramen shops. From this experience, I found there are good shops for the ramen taste, and also they service with the polite manner. At this job, I will try to serve the customers with the polite manner.


Sell your hobby and what you like

Let's try to sell your hobby or what you like. You have to convince how good you are at what you like, not how much you like.

I love Japanese fashion. I always read Japanese fashion magazines and can understand unique terms of Japanese fashion. I can read and write Japanese. At this job, I want to know more about Japanese fashion.



When you fill "自己PR・アピールポイント", it is very important to tell what you can do for the job with your selling points, not just telling about yourself.

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