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2016.08.25 update
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At the interview for part-time job, you are always asked to bring your resume. Here is some useful information to make your resume.

Where you get a format?

There are several ways to get resume format. You can buy resume paper at stores or download from websites. Each store or websites may have a different format on resume, although, there are no issues for which format you choose.

■How to get resume paper
・ Convenience Stores, Stationery shops, 100 yen stores.
・ Free Download the format from website
(Search ("履歴書 ダウンロード" on the internet)

■Free-Download from website at Public Employment Security Office ("Hellowork")
・JIS Resume Format (Sample)PDF
・JIS Resume Format (Sample) Excel file

How to make you resume (by handwritten)

1.You must write by yourself.
2.You don't have to write in beautiful but make it readable.
3.Write with a black pen. NO pencil or mechanical pencil ("sharp-pen").
4.If you make a mistake, write in the new paper again. Don't correct the mistake with lines, whiteout or any other goods.
5.Make sure to fill all columns.
6.Do not use the copy of your handwritten resume you made before.
7.No lies. You must write down the truth.

Can I make my resume by PC?

You can make your resume by PC. You may use the same resume you made before, but tailor-made the reasons for the application or your expectations for each job. Your passion for the jobs or expectations may lead you to get the job.


■You need to bring your resume at the interview.
■Get resume format at stores or download on the internet (for free).
■Understand the key points when you make a resume.
■You can make your resume on PC.

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