Sample of conversation to apply part-time job over the phone

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What you should have before you make a phone call

You should have following items at least when you make a phone call to keep memos:
■ Notebook
■ Pen
■ Job description (Information of part-time job you want to apply)
A photo of smartphone, pen and notepad

[Step 1] Check if the job you want to apply is still open

Make a phone call when you are ready with items in front of you. If you don't have confident on your Japanese, speak slowly with clear accent to make the responder understand what you are trying to say.






Man: ○○ company.

You: [1]My name is ○○(*your name) , and I am calling this number after I saw the posting on Nihon de Baito.
[2]Could I speak the person who is in charge of, please?

Man: This is he.

You:[3]Thank you. I would like to apply forwaiter/waitress position at ○○store.
Are you still hiring the people?

Man:[4]Yes, we do.
[1]:Tell the name of website or magazine you found the job. It is easier for the responder to understand what you want.

[2]:In case the responder is not the contact person, ask for the contact person. 
(Sample) "お手数ですが、担当者の方に代わっていただけますでしょうか。(Could you please have me to speak the contact person?)"

[3]:Tell the name of shop and the position you want to apply.

[4]:Sometimes the open positions have already been closed. In that case, don't hung up your call without say anything, but do in polite manner.
(Sample) "わかりました。ありがとうございました。では、失礼します。( I understood. Thank you very much for your time. Goodbye)"
A blond lady making a phone call

[Step 2] Fix the date for interview

If the job is still open, try to make an appointment for interview.





Man:Yes we do.

You:I would like to apply for this part-time job. Can you please have an interview with me?

Man:Sure, when is the best time for you?

You:[5]I can visit youfrom ○to○ (*time) at date of ○, or after ■(*time) at date of ■ .

Man:Ok, so what about ■ (*time)at date of ■?

You:[6]Thank you、no problem for ■ (*time)at date of ■.
[5]:Tell the date for interview (2 dates, at least) you can go. If you don't have any specific dates, tell them which time you are available on the day.
(Example)平日は学校が終わる●時以降なら、大丈夫です。(I can go weekdays, after ●(*time) when I finish my school.)

[6]:Confirm again the date and time for the interview.

[Step 3] Check the place for interview, and what you need to bring

Check with the contact person what you need to bring at the interview. Plus, check the place for interview.










(カチャン~♪ ※【11】相手が電話を切るまで待ちます

You:[7]Do I need to bring anything at the interview?

Man:Yes, please bring your resume. Attached your photo copy on it.

You:Resume with my photo copy, I understood. [8]Where should I visit you at the date of interview?

Man:Please come to ○○ building, 2nd floor at ■(*time), ■(*Month)■(*date).
Tell the receptionist you come for an interview of part-time job. (S)he will call me, then.

You:Reception in 2nd floor of ○○ building at ■(*time), ■(*Month)■(*date), I understood.
[9] Could I ask your phone number to contact you at the date of interview just in case?

Man:Sure, my name is ○○, and my number is 090-△△△△ー△△△△. Everything is OK?

You:Please let me repeat what you have said. (Your name is) Mr. ○○, and number is 090-△△△△ー△△△△, were these correct?

Man:Yes, correct.

You:[10]Thank you. So I will see you at the interview. Thank you for your time

Man:You are welcome. Thank you for your call.
Have a nice day. Goodbye.

(♪Noise of phone he hang up. *[11]You must wait until he hang up)

You:(Hang up your phone)
[7]:Check what you need to bring at the interview. It is better to bring your permission ("Shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka", a Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted) at interview if you have.

[8]:Check the place for an interview.

[9]:Ask the contact info for the person in case you need to reach him/her at the date of interview.

[10]:Thank the contact person after you confirm all information you need.

[11]:Don't hang up your phone until the contact person hang up his/her phone. In Japan, it is a common manner that person in senior position such as employer or boss should hang up their phone first.


Bullet Points when you make a phone call for job application

■ Have pen and notebook in front of you to write down memos
■ Repeat what the responder says for double check
■ Have available dates and time for interview

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