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2017.01.10 update
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Apply for job from website

Once you find a job you are interested in, let's try to apply. Check out how you can apply from website by using Shiftworks, our partner website.
a photo of applying from website

[STEP 1]Check out job information

If you find a job you are interested in, click "この求人の詳細を見る(see more information about this job)". You can see much more details about the job.

Once you check the details, and if you want to apply, click "Web応募する(apply from website)".
an image of "see more information about this job" button.
a screenshot of job information page

[STEP 2]Input your information

After you click "Web応募する(Apply from website)", there are a page to put your profile. Follow the format and start to input your information.

 Example )Nihonde Baito
・Name(in Katakana)
 Example)ニホンデ バイト
・Date of birth (Year, Month,Date)
・Current occupation
 Example)College・Professional Student
・Current address
 Example)Tokyo-City, Minato-ward
・Phone number
・Email address

*If you click "もっと見る(See more)" at right bottom corner, you can see more details about the job you are going to apply.
*If you have already registered to Shiftworks, your profile will be automatically injected to each sections of this format after you login.
*You can apply for a job before you login.
a screenshot of webpage to input your information.

[STEP3]Input your planned schedule and other information

・Some open job ask your planned schedule. Input "勤務できる曜日と時間(your days and time you can work)" if there are section to fill in.

・Other/Request for schedule
You can write a message to the person who in charge of hiring at the job (ex: self-introduction)
Screenshot of webpage to input your planned schedule
Screenshot of webpage to input any item

[STEP 4]Confirm all information you put

Double check all information you input. If there are some mistakes, click "入力内容を修正する(correct the information)" and start to correct.
Screenshot of webpage to confirm information you input

[STEP 5]Complete your application

After you correct and confirm all information, click "この内容で応募する(Apply with this information)". Page will be changed, the sign to notify you your application has been sent will be appeared, and your application is completed.

You should check your email if you received a confirmation email with details about the job you applied. You should keep this email to check later such as what job you had applied.
screenshot of complete page for your job application


If you click "WEB応募する(apply from website)"
■There are a format you need to input about your information.
■Input all information in the format.
■You can correct the information if you made some mistake.

Once you apply from website, you will receive email with the details about the job you applied. Keep this email for your reference.

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