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2018.10.21 update
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How to get information about part-time job

Once you understand "the basic rule of part-time job in Japan", let's start to find information about part-time job.

There are several ways to get information.

Student Affairs / CO-OP
Some student affairs or CO-OP in school have a service to introduce part-time job to their student. They mainly handle jobs in school such as proctors or data-entry assistant.

Posting in your school
In some case, right next to school event or any other academic information, you can find open-job notes, particularly personal lesson for language. at the posting in your school. You can also post your information as a (part-time) job seeker.

Introduced by your friends
If you have friends who already have part-time job, you can try to ask through him/her. Actually, you will have better chance to get a job because your friends have already proved how you can work through his/her work.

Free job-search magazine
You can find several free job-search magazines at convenience store, kiosk, or train station. Since you can carry out the magazine, it is quite easy to look the open jobs. Although, most of jobs accept applications only by phone and you have to check each jobs if they will accept foreign students.

■Job-search websites
If you have smart-phone, or PC, you can find jobs at job-search websites. You can find open jobs which accepts foreign students quite easily if you use keywords such as "留学生歓迎(accept foreign students)" or "留学生 アルバイト(foreign students, part-time jobs)". Plus, when you apply, most of the case you can choose either by phone or email, so it is easier for the students who don't have a confident to speak Japanese over the phone.
a snap shot of typing "accept foreign students" at search engine website on smart-phone

How to search jobs by

There are so many open jobs posted at job-search websites. Here is how to narrow down the jobs to match your expectation.
Search by place:Close to your school or home?
If you try to search your job by the place, it is better to find if the job is close to your school or home.
If you want to go to work after your school, put the name of your school area or name of station nearby and search.
In most case, there are information about location of the job (ex: ○○駅から徒歩○分(○minutes walk from ○○ station)). You can use this information if the workplace is convenient for you.

Search by schedule:Which date and what time you can work?
If you want to work after your school, you should find the job when you are available.Narrow down your schedule based on your daily life such as "weekdays, between 18:00 and 21:00" or "weekend, from noon to evening"
Search by payment:How much you want to earn?
If you already have a planned schedule to work, then you can find by hourly wage. You can pick the most highest hourly wage under your planned schedule, or define your minimum hourly wage when you search.

Search by type of job:What kind of job you want to do?
If you already have specific type of job you want to be involved, such as working at cool restaurant or data-entry job, the job-search websites can show those targeted job only.

With type of job, you can also type the keywords "留学生歓迎、外国人歓迎 (Accept foreign students, Accept non-Japanese)" and then search.
If you are worried if you can work because you don't have enough confident on your Japanese, search your job after you type the keywords "留学生歓迎 (Accept foreign students)". After the results are shown, you should start to find the job you think you can do.
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If you start to find your part-time job・・・
■Job-search websites will be the most useful and convenient.
■You should have some ideas for job you want to work first in order to narrow down the list of jobs in the websites as they have so many information.
■You can find your job by place, date and time you can work, or hourly wage.
■Adding the keywords "留学生歓迎(Accept foreign students)" when you search will make you easier to find the job which accept foreign students
 Please also try to temporary staff.

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