What is the reliable consulting service?

2016.08.25 update
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There may be something you may not know about or be confused about when working in Japan. Consulting a public institution can be one of the solutions for this.
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Information about working

■General labor issues (not being paid, being discriminated against at work)
・Labor consulting service for small and medium‐sized business (listed on web page for each prefectural government)

-> For Tokyo
Tokyo labor consulting information center

■Labor Standards Law or accidents at work
・Labour Standards Inspection Offices
location of Labour Standards Inspection Offices

Information about life

There is consulting service for the citizen in the public office of local government. Recently, there is special consulting service for foreigners and Japanese lectures in public office. There is also counselor’s office for information about taxation and discrimination. Don't just keep it within yourself but consult with others.

■Local government tax payment
・There are consulting service in public office for each local government

■National tax payment
・Tax office: consulting service for taxation

■Racial discrimination
Counselor's office for human rights for foreigners

■Other issues
National "Inochi no Dennwa"

■Immigration Bureau Immigration Information Center
Information Center
When you are in trouble, don't keep it to yourself. Consult public institutions. There are many kinds of consulting service at the public office so cash in on them.

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