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2016.10.14 update
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About Points

You can earn points by using Nihon de Baito. To earn points, you can introduce Nihon de Baito to a friend or use the site.
You can earn 1 point just by visiting the site.

Please check the site because we will be uploading information that are useful for students from abroad to work in Japan.

The points saved can be exchanged with AMAZON gift cards.
What is a gift card?

About Friend Referring Points

Please introduce Nihon de Baito to students around you that are from abroad.

When your friend registers for Nihon de Baito, which is for free, you can earn points easily just by putting in the intoduction code.
100 points will be given to the introducer and 50 points will be give to the person who was introduced.
*Points will be given after the SMS attestation of the person who was introduced is completed.

The method of introducing a friend is very simple.
You can get the introduction code by email, SNS or QR code.

*What is an introduction code?
Introduction code is used when introducing Nihon de Baito to a friend. It is used to recognize the introduction.

Please introduce to many friends and earn a lot of points because there is no upper limit to the number of people you can introduce.

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