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2021.04.16 update
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Nihon de Baito is a site for foreigners who want to work in Japan. It has information of part-time jobs in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

With the concept of "connecting the world and Japan through 'working' ", we offer information for foreigners to work in Japan comfortably.

If you register, which is free, you can get membership only contents.
Please register and utilize Nihon de Baito.

(It is necessary to fully understand and accept the terms and conditions as described in Japanese to use this service.)

About Members

In order to use all function of Nihon de Baito, you must first register, which is for free.
If you are registered, you can get special contents that can be found only in Nihon de Baito such as reviews, experiences and information about popular jobs.

You can also earn points by using Nihon de Baito (promotions, referring friends, etc.).

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Recommending Internet Connection

To use Nihon de Baito comfortably, we recommend Internet connection listed below.

Windows OS
L Internet Explorer10.0 or later version
L Google Chrome (latest version)
L Mozilla FireFox (latest version)
Macintosh OS
L Safari (latest version)

●Smartphones, Tablets
L Internet Explorer 11.0 or later version
L Safari (latest version)
L Initial standard browser

the recommended browsers may change.

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