Marei's part-time work experience at factory

2017.01.10 update
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If you have a license for forklift, you can work at warehouse or factory even you don't have a confidence on your stamina. Marei, 30 female, will share her story about operating forklift at factory.

What was your job at your work?

I worked at food factory to move raw material by forklift.

Once truck came to the factory, the driver moved the raw materials for food from rear deck to pallets. My job was to move those pallets by forklift. I unloaded those pallets to conveyor belt which goes to warehouse. In the warehouse, I separated those goods by its type. If you separates the goods in advance, you can deliver those raw materials right away to each departments in the factory.

【Warehouse terminology】
・Pallet:A flat board to put goods and packages on.
・Forklift:A cargo vehicle with fork in front. To operate this vehicle, you need a license which will take about a week with some fee (about 50,000 yen).
an image of forklift with driver

What Japanese phrase was the most useful at your work?

The most frequent Japanese phrase I used was 「ありがとうございます」(Thank you very much).

If you think about truck drivers who reload heavy packages, this pharase comes out naturally. Basically, we are the customer for the drivers, so they also say "Thank you very much". We both say "Thank you very much" for each other, and leave with some smiles.

The second phrase I used a lot was 「お願いします」(Please).

Since this work has some danger, we need to make it clear the scope of work for each colleagues first and that moment I used this phrase.
This phrase also come out from my heart to truck drivers as I am appreciated their hard work.

What kind of skills you gained at work can be used on your life?

After a half year I joined the company, the company gave me a chance to get a lincese for forklift.
I was happy because the company paid the fee for me.

At the beginning, I was slow to operate forklift because I was struggled to pile up pallets. After 5 years, I get to used to operate forflift and can use it fast.

In the small warehouse, I place the raw materials in front which will be used for early stage, or line up same materials in verticle. I move those materials like "Tetris". I started to work considering process of operation, and now I can plan everything well at my daily life.

What did you like at your job?

The time I chat with my colleagues and a sense of solidarity through the work.

Once truck arrives, we work very fast. While truck is out, we have nothing to do, so we can relax with colleauges at break room. I am lucky because my supervisor think the relaxing time is important and says "you should relax while you have nothing to do becuase operating forklift use your energy so much".

And, since I am woman, I got a sense of camaraderie with female truck drivers. You may think heavy work is for men, but woman can move heavy package if we work together. You can't get a sense of solidarity through the work at your daily life, and I feel very comforable with that.

Were there any hard time at your job?

Heat in the summer time. It was very hard to unload the goods from truck with over 40 degrees of heat which was caused by reflection from asphalt.

And it is not my work but sometimes truck driver have to reload goods only from the suppliers' pallet to ours, not the pallet of suppliers, and it seems to be too many work for them. When I see those drivers's to reload the goods, I feel bad for them.

Are there any advise from you?

I like a sense of camaraderie or solidarity through the work, and think it is important. I think there are many people who have same feeling with me regardless where they live. If you think to have a job in Japan, you should experience the beauty or magnificence to achieve your work with others.

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