Work in TOKYO OLYMPIC 2020 /In facilities around the Olympic Village and Olympic Stadium/Use your language skills / get your salary next day !!(daily payment OK )

2020.02.03 update
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Job Details >>>

international students,Foreigners (with valid visa status and work permit )are welcome!
Work locations are inside the Olympic Village and Olympic Stadium.
A chance to get involved with tourists and athletes coming from all over the world
A must-see job for those who want to use their language!
(English, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, French, Russian and many more ....)

The only chance to apply is now! (February deadline)

Like Staffing Co., Ltd.

Event staff, guidance (information / reception), reception, translation and interpretation

[ Staff Benefits]

You can participate in that sporting event at a high hourly rate!
⇒ ¥ 2,000 / hour depending on available languages

University students and international students are OK!

Within one month
Limited time event from late June to early September!

* We are planning a 7-day training in June
Training wage: 1,200 yen + transportation expenses 1,000 yen / day

Next day transfer or pay twice a month / selection OK

[Hours] 08:00~22:00

at least 8 hours per day

at least 3 days per week Ok !!!

◆ Self-declaration (submit the desired date of attendance every two weeks)
◆ Please do not hesitate to consult us the day you wish to choose.

Chuo-ku, Tokyo area

Please note that on Click towards the next site would be in (Japanese).
Please refer to the application method below and fill in.
(Please apply only if you are currently in Japan.)

After completing your application, you will SURELY receive a confirmation email. Please check if you get the email or not (you may need to check spam mail). If you cannot find the email, please apply again since your application did not succeed.
The store/shop you applied to will contact you for interview after 2-3 days. However, if they did not, please contact them via the phone number or email address given in the confirmation email you have received.

Contact us through:
Facebook Messenger: [[]]
Email: [[]]

To look for other jobs, please click the link below :)

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