Paid part-time+internship in UNIQLO (fast retailing Inc. ) / Fashion and apparel / Use your language skills / 5 minutes walk from ginza station

2020.01.10 update
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General Info

UNIQLO has opened global flagship stores and global prosperous stores in its overseas and domestic businesses, including the Ginza store and the BICQLO Shinjuku east exit store in Ginza.

As the world's largest store with 12 floors, it offers customers around the world with global multilingual support.

In addition, about 30% of the staff of about 400 are foreign nationals and speak six languages (Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean).

The Ginza store, where the president visits once a month and conducts site inspections, can experience world-class customer service, marketing, and management strategies.

details for this position

- work as a team to reach sales target .
-store management
-customer services
-fashion seminars and more


・ Person who can communicate in English, Chinese or Korean
・ Person who wants to work while learning management perspectives, not just customer service
・ Those who want to experience working in a global environment
・ Those who want to learn world-class customer service skills and store building
・ Person full of challenge spirit
* Applications for high school students are not accepted.

step 1

▼ Partner

First of all, you will gain experience as a sales staff, such as customer service, cash register, product arrangement, product display at stores.

We will provide language support for overseas customers.
In addition to English, there are environments where you can use Chinese, Korean, other languages, and a wide range of languages.

step 2

▼ Advance partner

As a trainer, you can participate in store management such as member management, floor leader, VMD (visual merchandising: creating a sales floor).

・ Product management ・ Inventory management

step 3

▼ Senior partner

It plays an important role in helping store managers to make decisions by listening to the voices of staff and customers among the agents during the hours.
For example, we can also consider the HR strategy needed to maximize sales on the floor in charge of ourselves, and sometimes offer products from customers to our headquarters.

step 4

▼ Wide range of challenges

Plans and actions based on PL (Profit and Loss Statement)
While checking PL, which is a monthly report of store management, compare with other stores and figures of the previous year and last month, check expense items, analyze differences, and discuss subsequent measures.

step 5

▼ Solve essential problems while learning different cultures

At UNIQLO, where customers from around the world come and go, there are many opportunities to understand the diverse culture and optimize the customer experience.

Girl in a jacket

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