Part-time job for foreigners. Convenience store/ Sales staff in OSAKA

2017.11.27 update
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Job Details!

[Part time job in OSAKA]
Lawson Crew ☆ Looking for big, big, big recruitment of new workers♪ ♪ The salary goes up up UP! How many times do you want to work?

[NAME] ローソン松崎町二丁目店 (Lawson Matsuzaki cho 2-chome shop)
[SALARY] 960 yen~ (MINIMUM 1 day/week)
5x/week  6-9時 1000円~、9-22時 960円~、22-翌6時 1187円~
4x/week  6-9時 980円~、9-22時 940円~、22-翌6時 1167円~ 
3x/week  6-9時 950円~、9-22時 910円~、22-翌6時 1137円~
[Shift hours] 24/hrs anytime! Negotiable
[Closest Stations] 5 mins walk from Tennouji station 天王寺駅
[ADDRESS] 大阪市阿倍野区松崎町2-1-34
[JOB] Convenience Stores Lawson Staff. Cash register, customer correspondence, product shipment, cleaning etc

*Transit to another site (Japanese).
Please refer to the application method below and fill in.
(Please apply only if you are currently in Japan.)

English Guide For The Application Form!

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