Cozi's part-time work experience at convenience store

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Cozi, 21male, will share his experience working at convenience store in late night as part-time worker.

What was your job at your work?

My jobs were serving the customers, filling the shelves, ordering merchandises, and cleaning the store. I worked on cash register, made foods such as corn dogs, sausage, put new magazines or return old magazines, filled the shelves or "Up-fronting", disposed old foods, and placed orders for drinks and sweets. About cleaning, I cleaned entrance, toilet and showcase, waxed the floor with "buffing machine", and make garbage boxes empty.

[Convenience store terminology]
・Buffing machine:a wax machine to clean the floor
・Up-fronting:After the merchandises at the front on the shelves were sold, bring the same merchandises on rear rank on the shelf up front so that customer can hand them easier.
Convenience store

What Japanese phrase was the most useful at your work?

I used those 3 basic greeting phrases:
"いらっしゃいませ (Welcome to our store)",
"ありがとうございました (Thank you very much)",
"またお越しくださいませ (Please visit us again)"

Whenever the customer come in to the store, you must say "Welcome to our store" regardless what you are doing.

And, even the customer left the store without buying anything, I always said "Thank you very much". If the customer bought something, I said "Thank you very much. Please visit us again" to encourage his/her next visit. Those 3 phrases I used a lot.

What kind of skills you gained at work can be used on your life?

I have to say my work at register got very fast.
When I started to work at convenience store, it was difficult to figure out where the barcode is on the merchandise as I have never paid attention for that.

I also had to think lot when I placed the orders for drinks and sweets.
Most sweets have long expiration date but drink box has shorter date. It was difficult to find right amount of orders for drink box because if I ordered too many, there would be many expired drinks.

Once I learned, I have started to place orders considering if there are weekends or any holidays in few days, weather, the traffic of customer and their money they can spend at the beginning or the end of month. I think this ordering process will help me when I start the business by myself.

What did you like at your job?

When I had a chance to get bento or hot foods for free, which supposed to be disposed.

The owner of the store I worked allowed his workers to have disposed bento. Whenever there were new bento coming out, I was interested in what is the taste like. I was happy when I could get those bento for free.

Not only bento, but also many hot foods were going for disposal. The owner asked his workers to put one piece of every hot foods at least even in the midnight. However, there were less traffic in the midnight, and most hot foods had short expiration date, there were many foods we had to dispose.

Since I like to eat, I was very happy that I can eat many kinds of food for free.

*Now, many stores don't allow their worker to have disposed foods or bento. In rare case, some stores which are run by single owner allow their workers to have those foods.

Were there any hard time at your job?

Managing drinks was the most difficult part. The late night was the time most of merchandises were delivered to the store.

Once we received merchandises, we needed to display them on the shelf after we counted. Those merchandises have some weight, particularly drinks which has more than 22.05 lb per box in some case. We needed to unload 2 or 3 boxes of drink from truck, and bring to backroom. It tooks some power and I got sweat at summertime.

Since the store I worked didn't have air conditioner in the backroom, it was hard for me to get used to the difference of temperature between inside the store and backroom. At first, it was hard for me to keep carrying boxes with 66.14~88.18 lb weight at the hot place.

Are there any advise from you?

Your main jobs at convenience store will be varied depends on the time you work.

Working at night time will pay you higher wage, although, there are many things to do such as receiving merchandises.
If you want your job with less amount of work, or don't have much experience to work at convenience store, it is better for you to work at daytime or evening. Those time have many customers, although, you won't get tired physically as there are less labor work.

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