Part-time job for foreigners. Restaurants in TOKYO.

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[ Part-time job in TOKYO]
Kitchen staff needed in sushi restaurant!! Low level japanese ok! :-)
*There is a dish washer, so no hard labour!

[NAME] 無添くら寿司 池袋サンシャイン60通り店 Kurasushi Ikebukuro Sunshine 60-Doori restaurant
[JOB] Kitchen help: Wash dishes, make easy side dishes
[ Staff Benefits] Uniform rental, Training, Sat/Sun/Holidays pay up!, transport fee
[Pay] 1,000円 (17時~22時 1,100円) (22時~ 1.375円) (monthly pay) + transport fee
*Training period 30h 958円
[Hours] 9:00 〜 0:30 (minimum 3 hours/day~, 3x/week)

[Closest Stations] 5 minute walk from Ikebukuro station 池袋駅
[ADDRESS] 東京都豊島区東池袋1-29-1 サントロペ池袋ビル6階
[JOB Number] #776

*Transit to another site (Japanese).
Please refer to the application method below and fill in.
(Please apply only if you are currently in Japan.)

After completing your application, you will SURELY receive a confirmation email. Please check if you get the email or not (you may need to check spam mail). If you cannot find the email, please apply again since your application did not succeed.
The store/shop you applied to will contact you for interview after 2-3 days. However, if they did not, please contact them via the phone number or email address given in the confirmation email you have received.

Contact us through:
Facebook Messenger: [[]]
Email: [[]]

To look for other jobs, please click the link below :)

English Application Guide

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