Dao's part-time work experience at izakaya

2017.01.10 update
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Part-time job at izakaya is very popular among Japanese student because they can work after school and thanks for its lively and busy environment. Dao (20, Female) will tell her story about working at izakaya as waitress.

What was your job at your work?

My main job is serving to customers.

Whenever the customer came to the store, I welcomed them, and took their coats at winter time. Once they took their seat, I brought wet-towl, and took orders. I brought drinks and foods. I also change their ashtray frequently if they smoke cigarette.
a photo of staff who serves to customer

What Japanese phrase was the most useful at your work?

The phrase most I used was 「失礼します (Execuse me)」 with smile.
Whenever you tried to something, it was important to sorry (about interrupting customer) first.

When I used this phrase, I tried not to make this phrase stand out or use it automatically. I used it naturally so that the customer didn't feel uncomfortable for my interrupstion.

I used this phrase all tht time when I serve wet-towl, drinks or tables, or bring check.

What kind of skills you gained at work can be used on your life?

I think I gained the skill of flexibility.

Since I have to serve many types of customers, I have to become more flexibile on my work. I should grasp what is going on now, and move quickly. I think I gained this flexibility through my real life experience.

Through my experience to serve customers, I gained the skill to see the people, to read their insights, and to choose proper words at second when I had to tell somoting depends on the situation.

What did you like at your job?

Communicating with the customer was the most I like. Even there are very few moment, it was fun to have a conversation with the customer when I took order or serve their dish.

If the customer seems to be happy after I made good service, I was also happy too. And, this can say not only with the customers, but also the other staffs or people in kitchen I work with.

When the store was busy because of many customers, and everyone supported each other and could work fast, the taste of served food was very nice when we ate toghter. It was much more fun than achieving something by myself.

Were there any hard time at your job?

It was hard to work with someone who didn't try to help each other.

There were one person in our store who stuck on his own way. Everyone scared him and everything didn't work well.

The way he serve to the customer was different from the way at izakaya. He said he had an experience work at hotel. He was assertive, not able to work with other staff well, and the mood among the staff got worse. It was horrible as their were so many mistakes was happened.

Are there any advise from you?

I think "listening people well anytime"is very important. After you listen the people, you can understand what he/she wants or being on the same page.

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