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Part-time job at izakaya is very popular among Japanese student because they can work after school and thanks for its lively and busy environment. Job (23, Female) will tell her story about working at izakaya as waitress and assistant at kitchen.

What was your job at your work?

I worked at izakaya chain stores for 2 years. My job was assist kitchen work and waitress.

At kitchen, my job was easy. I assisted to complete the dish by putting salad, foods, or tartar sauce on the plate. At dining room, I took orders from customer, put plates, clean up the table, or bring the customers to their table.
Dishing up food on the plate

What Japanese phrase was the most useful at your work?

I used a phrase "ありがとうございます(Thank you very much)" quite often.

I used a lot "すぐ、お伺いいたします (I will be right with you)" too at whenever some customer wanted to make his/her order. Once we received order from customer, the staff in charge called out "We received order for ◯◯ by table ◯", and then all the staff followed him/her by called out "ありがとうございます (Thank you very much)". We also called out "ご来店ありがとうございました (Thank you very much for visiting us)" when the customer were going to leave the store.

I also used this phrase a lot for appreciation whenever our staff supported our job each other. I felt quite well no matter how many times I used this phrase for appreciation.

What kind of skills you gained at work can be used on your life?

Now, I can prioritize my tasks.
When you need to work fast, I found it was important not only to do just my own tasks, but also to understand what is going on at the dining room and kitchen first, and then move proactively.

When you are not get used to your job, you will focus on learning your own job. Once you learn, you are able to see other people and support others, or ask others to support yourself if you need. This experience can become my skill which I can use at the professional job if I get.

What did you like at your job?

When the store is busy such as March and April, the season for farewell or welcome people, or long weekend, the staff worked as a team.
We worked very hard to make our customer happy to enjoy their time through the service from greeting to serving nice foods. Our staff became friends as we encouraged and followed up each other, and it was very fun when we hung out.

When we went out with our supervisor, we were able to discuss with him/her such as how we can make our customer more happy or what kind of new menu we should have. Actually, some of our opinion was adopted in later.

Once my opinion was taken, I felt I produce my own store and then started to feel a sense of belonging to the store. I tried to come up my next proposal, and I started to see things from customer's point of view with my supervisor, or checked out what the other store do when I visited. I felt myself as professional and it was quite fun.

Were there any hard time at your job?

I had a very hard time when the drunk customer pestered me. The customer was drunk, and he/she doesn't remember what he/she said, but I was very sad and depressed when he/she gave me the bad words.

I could endure if the customer got angry at my mistake. I couldn't deal when the drunk customer pestered me with unpleasant words. There was one time that the drunk customer was upset to me after he asked me to drink with and I declined. That time, the other staff asked this customer to leave the store.
I have learned that I should show my firm attitude in case I need if there are anything wrong with me.

*At izakaya, you may get be involved with some drunk customer as the store offer alcohol. If it happened to you, you should not to try to deal it by yourself. Ask store manager or other senior staff for help!

Are there any advise from you?

Part-time job at izaka is the job you will communicate with many people and help each other.
You can improve your Japanese, and you can see "nominication", unique Japanese drinking culture.

Since this job need to work with other staff all the time, it is easier to become friends. I recommend you to try once as you can learn a lot. And it is fun job.

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