Part-time job for foreigners. Restaurants/IZAKAYA in Tokyo

2018.07.04 update
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Job Details:

[ TOKYO アルバイト]
Good working environment!! Flexible shifts, First-kitchen(ファーストキッチン)★代々木駅前店

[NAME] First Kitchen Yoyogi-Ekimae Store
[JOB] Fast food: Customer hospitality, cash register, serve foods and drinks,
[Pay] 1,000円 〜 1,160円 + partial transportation fee
[Hours] 07:00 ~ 23:00 (minimum 1 day/week~ 2h/day~)
[Closest Stations] 1 min walk from Yoyogi station
[ADDRESS] 東京都渋谷区代々木 1-32-12
[JOB Number] #857

*Transit to another site (Japanese).
Please refer to the application method below and fill in.
(Please apply only if you are currently in Japan.)

After completing your application, you will SURELY receive a confirmation email. Please check if you get the email or not (you may need to check spam mail). If you cannot find the email, please apply again since your application did not succeed.
The store/shop you applied to will contact you for interview after 2-3 days. However, if they did not, please contact them via the phone number or email address given in the confirmation email you have received.

Contact us through:
Facebook Messenger: [[]]
Email: [[]]

To look for other jobs, please click the link below :)

English Application Guide

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