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2020.11.25 update
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2021 is a year for Tokyo . With the new prime minister and Tokyo Olympic , Japan celebrates its new booming social events with campaigns and widespread ads. After relief from the corona outbreak and the newly developed vaccine , Japan stands up again to face the new challenge. It is Tokyo where most of the Olympic events will behold and the Olympic village is located . Equipped with the state of earth technology for prevention of Covid-19,Tokyo is undergoing the most restricting routines for all of the residents and incoming foreigners .

2020 Summer Olympics will begin on
Friday, July 23, 2021
and ends on
Sunday, August 8

Meanwhile, various recruiting companies are out there getting as many human resources as possible. Staffing is quite tough . Since working for Olympic requires more than just an English skill .For over 120 participating countries , Japan has to provide not only accommodations but translators , liaisons, and service workers .

Nihon de baito, providing quality part-time jobs to all foreigners since the start of 2017, is very proud to be a part of this.

1. Drivers for Olympic
Picking and dropping Athletes to and from
Get paid over 20000円 per day
A normal driving license is required

2. Food servers at Olympic village
Meet your favorite Olympian (You can even talk to them )
with hourly starting from 1250

Be a part of the 2021 Olympic ...

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