If you already have a part time job, should you mention it at the interview for another job?

2017.03.01 update
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Are you already working a part time job but want to have another job? In such case, do you find yourself wondering whether or not to mention that to the potential employer?
We have summarized the points when mentioning about your current working predicament.

Should you tell or should you not tell?

If you are working a job and thinking of taking on another, we suggest you mention it at the interview. It makes it easier for the employer to know what days you can and cannot work, so it would be easier for them when they make shifts or look for someone to fill the vacancy.
Also, if the employer finds out, you may leave a bad impression as a liar you are not up front about another job. It would be wise to inform them beforehand.

What would the employer think about your current working predicament?

When mentioning about the first job at the interview for the second job, you should discuss to solve the concerns the new employer may have, such as:
"Will he/she be able to work enough shifts?"
"Will he/she be on time and not be absent?"
"Will he/she be too tired from the other job to perform well at this job?"

Be sure to tell the employer you have the time to work both jobs.
Example) I applied to this job because I am interested in trying this job. I am working three times a week now, and this job allows me to start at two times a week, so I thought I could balance the open days I have, to work for this job. I would love to be considered.

Speak positively about your current work!

One of the biggest reasons of having multiple jobs is to earn more money. However, we do not recommend you to say so at the interview, because some people perceive that
as negative, that you are complaining about low hourly rate at the current job. State a positive reason such as: wanting different experiences from working different jobs, effectively using your free time, and/or gaining skills that you can utilize after graduation.

In summary:

When speaking about another job to the new job you are applying to, make sure to;
1. state that you have enough time for both
2. state a positive reason for getting a second job.

※When working more than 2 jobs, make sure the total hours worked per week does not exceed 28 hours.

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