Does it leave a bad impression to ask for time off during exams at the interview?

2016.10.04 update
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At any job interview, this question is probably asked: "how much can you work?"

After saying that you want to work hard, does it leave a bad impression to the interviewer if you ask for time off during exams? Here are your questions answered.
Studying for exams

It is not a bad request

The "job" of international students is to study, therefore it is fine to request for time off during exams.

When hiring student workers, employers normally consider exams and school events. It does not leave a bad impression to ask in advance if it is ok to take time off during exams, so you can relax.

However, troubles around time off happen with some employers, they think that it is inconvenient for them that you take time off, and force you to work.

To avoid unnecessary troubles after you start working, it is best to state your needs that you need to take time off during exams at the time of the interview.

How to tell at the interview

Be careful on the below points when you mention about your needs for time off during exams at the interview:
1. Inform them on when you have your exams
2. Inform them on how long you need to be off for
3. Confirm when to turn in the notice for taking time off

How to find jobs that are easier to adjust schedules

Jobs that adopt the shifts, the scheduling takes place once a month, and you can request when or when not to work. It is easier to adjust work schedule with your school. When searching for jobs, type in "シフト制(shifts)" to find relevant jobs.

Also, if the job listing states "学生歓迎 (students welcome)", most likely they consider students' needs.

Please keep in mind those tips when you search for a part-time job.

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